The heart bends

– it does not break.

We all have a bending point.
Do you know yours?


I explore why farmers to Olympians – and even you – refuse to quit.

Is our human spirit the secret to our resolve?


Discover sage tips and refreshing humor!

When Life Dares You to Break

Everyone has a bending point—

the off-kilter edge where our lives either threaten to fracture or we stand and refuse to quit. Beth has zigzagged the planet interviewing people about their bending points and how they press onward through pain, loss, and the unimaginable. How do we really come back from adversity?

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OVERPOWERING CHALLENGES THREATEN TO TWIST YOU into a chokehold. Frustrated, discouraged, maybe ready to quit?

Bend extends a hand in life’s pressures to rise above the disruption and despair.

As an international journalist, Beth introduces you to courageous sojourners-a wounded veteran, a Wiccan devotee, mothers of children with profound disabilities, and more-who’ve uncovered secrets to resilience.

Riveting, and inspiring, Bend wrestles with anger, revenge, purpose, and hope. How do people begin again? Discover how you too can finish stronger than anyone imagined. Recapture fresh strength and resolve as you sway, lean, and bend, but do not break.


“Masterfully written, Bend is one captivating book that will not let you give up. Bend is a definite page-turner.”

Ginger Martin

CEO, American National Bank, Oakland Park, Florida

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Beth Lueders


Writing without effort leads to bored readers. I grew up 60 miles from the nearest mall and learned to explore the world through reading the encyclopedias stored in my bedroom and writing in
lock-n-key diaries.


Featured Writer

Full-time writers move beyond the sipping lattes and staring out windows. My writing awards include investigative reporting on the plight of radiation-poisoned Byelorussian children and at-risk prostitutes in the Philippines.



Relating to people in any audience requires leaving your ego in the parking lot. I shape my messages with gutsy drive and enough wit to help you chortle, guffaw, and rate me a 10 on comment cards.

7 Principles of Bending